•Saving you money

We understand how spaces have been put together and how to slow down the decay that wear and tear, footfall, and usage naturally causes. From a functional and aesthetic perspective, our operatives work to extend the life of your space, lengthening the time between major refits and keeping it looking better.

•Projects big and small

When it is time for a redecoration we will send one of our Project Managers to carry out a free site survey and issue a no-obligation quotation to carry out the work. We can supply our own high-quality paint ourselves or use your own.


Born out of a business that creates and installs amazing shops and offices, ProActive understands how important that creation is – and why so much time, effort, and money has been spent creating it. We’re here to help you keep your space looking it’s very best.

“I don’t have time to physically inspect our offices as much as I’d like to, so it’s great to know that ProActive will maintain them by touching up scuffs during their routine visits, and when the time comes for a full office redecoration they will send me a competitive quote”

Chris McKenzie

Regional Office Manager

Case Study

Rituals Cosmetics

ProActive recently carried out a complete shopfront redecoration at our client Rituals Cosmetics flagship store on Bond Street, London.

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