ProActive Commercial Maintenance (ProActive CM) started its life as a division within UK shop fitters, Bluegroup Retail.

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Bluegroup was founded in 2005 and has been creating fantastic commercial environments ever since. Our customers were so impressed with the service they received that we were inundated with requests to maintain the stores too. Leveraging the experience and knowledge of the fitting team, a new maintenance division was created.

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Quickly earning a reputation for quality, loyalty, and dependability, ProActive grew consistently for seven years and in October 2012 became a separate, standalone company.

The two businesses work closely together, offering turn-key solutions that take a client’s empty unit into a fully functioning office or retail unit that operates as it should.

Frequently asked questions

?Why should I implement a planned maintenance program at my commercial space?

To create a safe and compliant environment for your business to operate. Let us be responsible for your statutory compliance commitments. We also understand the importance of how your workplace looks to customers and clients, a planned maintenance program also lessens the aesthetic impact of general wear and tear.

?My air con system works fine, so why do I need to have it regularly serviced?

Heating Ventilation and Air Con systems are comprised of hundreds of mechanisms, which need to be regularly serviced and maintained to achieve their optimum performance. In the event of a breakdown, a manufacturer may ask for records of the servicing that has been carried out on the system and if this has not been done it may void the manufacturer’s warranty leaving you responsible for costly repairs. We recommend at least 2 service visits per year and the best time to have this done is just before winter, and also just before summer. This is so you can be assured your system will not let you down in the bitterly cold winter days and those scorching summer days. ProActive’s dedicated HVAC team can carry out this servicing at a frequency that suits you.

?Do you I really need to have my electrics tested periodically?

Managers of commercial sites and workplaces have a duty of care to the people who will be using that space. The electrical installation within a commercial space needs to be thoroughly checked at least every 5 years by a certified electrician who will test all of the fixed wiring within the site and advise of anything dangerous and unsafe that needs to be rectified. This is known as an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) or a Fixed Wire Test. Workplaces will also have a certain amount of portable appliances that need to be regularly checked, such as kettles, PC’s, laptops, coffee machines, vending machines, printers, cash tills, etc. These appliances need to be tested regularly and this is called PAT or Portable Appliance Testing. ProActive can carry out this testing for you and issue certification instantly.

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Rituals Cosmetics

ProActive recently carried out a complete shopfront redecoration at our client Rituals Cosmetics flagship store on Bond Street, London.

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External maintenance on a busy store in North London.

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