As the United Kingdom Covid-19 ‘Lockdown’ is further eased we are now preparing ourselves for the re-opening of many of our client's sites to staff and the general public. We have sought a wealth of advice and information from the Health & Safety Executive with regards to implementing a safe process for the reopening your place of business.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 places legal duties on employers to protect the employed through the provision of a safe working environment. There has been no relaxation of any requirements relating to the safe management of buildings and the people within them. As such, you must ensure your store or office is compliant with all statutory requirements before reopening can occur. The relevant statutes cover matters such as:

• Management of water risks within the Store;

• Ensuring that wiring and electrical systems are suitably inspected and maintained; and

• Checking that fire detection and suppressions systems are fully working.

Simply re-opening a site that has stood idle, without addressing important Health & Safety checks is unacceptable and is likely to be in breach of the law. That is why we have put into place a thorough recommissioning process to assist you in addressing vital checks that we can carry out on your behalf. The checks and data recorded from each of the visits will be submitted to you to use as evidence that you have had each of your sites independently inspected.

The Covid-19 outbreak has brought unprecedented disruption to all business and we understand that your site(s) have likely been left unoccupied for weeks and that staff who work in this sites may have been placed on furlough leave, meaning arranging access for our team to enter your site will need arranging in advance. That is why we are now taking bookings for this service to be carried and are allocating appointments with fixed start times, so you can arrange staff to meet our engineer at the site and provide the required access.

If you would like to receive a quote for this service please contact today on 0208 493 7980 or email at

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