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Planned Maintenance

ProActive General Maintenance offers flexible planned preventative maintenance programmes which can be tailored entirely to the needs of any client.

Calling upon the many years of experience we have within the retail and office maintenance sectors, we understand the demands of these environments and have engineers trained specifically to pick up on the smallest of defects which may otherwise go unnoticed. We have invested in state of the art reporting software that allows us to clearly document every detail of our planned maintenance visits, making them available to the clients to view almost immediately after the visit is completed via our on line customer portal.

Emergency repairs cost significantly more than planned repairs and can stop your business from functioning efficiently, or at all. A planned maintenance program from ProActive ensures we are constantly monitoring and improving all areas of your environment meaning minor problems can be identified early and be resolved before they become a major and costly issue. A planned maintenance program also ensures that you are keeping on top of new legislation and maintaining an excellent Health and Safety record for your staff and customers.


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