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Emergency Lighting

Closely linked to Fire Risk Assessments is Emergency Lighting, another essential installation that every workplace must have and must have maintained and tested on a regular basis. ProActive can guide you on the best way to meet your obligations and help you to maintain a functional Emergency Lighting installation.

The general requirements for Emergency Lighting are outlined in regulation BS 5266 which states that Emergency Lighting must:

  • Indicate the escape routes clearly with exit signs so there is no doubt which is the way out
  • Illuminate open areas used in an escape route so that obstacles such as equipment or furniture can be avoided
  • Ensure fire alarm call points & fire-fighting equipment can be readily located
  • Provide illumination for high-risk areas to allow machinery processes to be shut down safely

To be effective, it is essential that you regularly test your Emergency Lighting system, and also, that you have a maintenance procedure in place to meet BS 5266 requirements. Once again, ProActive can partner in this requirement with you and as well as regular monthly tests and checks, we can complete the quarterly and annual extended tests that are required within your testing procedure.

We believe that the only way to ensure you are always meeting your legal requirements is to let the professionals help you, and that is exactly what ProActive can do for your business.