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Fighting against the effects of wear and tear caused by constant traffic is an important part of the service we offer.

Born out of a business that creates and installs amazing shops and offices, ProActive Commercial Maintenance understands how important that creation is – and why so much time, effort and money has been spent creating  it.

We understand how the fit-out has been put together and how to slow down the decay that wear and tear, footfall and usage naturally causes. From a functional and aesthetic perspective, our operatives extend the life of your space, lengthening the time between major refits and keeping it looking and working better in the meantime.


Whilst business critical issues will get reported back to head office, trodden-in chewing gum in the carpet, cobwebs in the difficult-to-reach areas and scuffs to the walls won’t. Our operatives will take care of these issues, and when cabinets and carpets reach the end of their useful life, will report back with photos. Particularly useful if your estate reaches far away from your head office.


Commercial space looking tired?

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