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The highest quality handyman services from ProActive Commercial Maintenance

23 November 2016

ProActive Commercial Maintenance can perform repairs, assessments and other handyman jobs for your company at a competitive price that will help you to stay within an ideal budget.

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Look no further than ProActive Electrical for a domestic electrician in St Albans

27 October 2016

Whether you need reactive maintenance, a full rewiring or simply an extra socket fitted in your home, ProActive Electrical can satisfy all of your domestic electrical engineering needs at a price that fits any budget.

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What makes ProActive Electrical stand out in the electrical industry?

12 October 2016

ProActive Electrical stands out with its strong pedigree in electrical services throughout the St Albans area. If you require an electrician in St Albans, there are many reasons to make us your first choice.

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What does the average day of a Proactive Electrical electrician entail?

28 September 2016

One of our distinguishing points as a source of a reliable electrician in Potters Bar is the sheer comprehensiveness of our services, which also inevitably means that the average day in the life of one of our electricians often differs greatly from the next.

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NICEIC’s Jobs for the Girls campaign challenges electrician gender stereotypes

14 September 2016

Here at ProActive Electrical, we are happy to play our own part in encouraging women to enter the electrical industry, and very much approve of NICEIC's efforts to dispel many of the persistent gender and other stereotypes relating to the sector.

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How does ProActive Electrical go the extra mile?

31 August 2016

Here are just some of the ways in which the Potters Bar electricians of ProActive Electrical go the extra mile to fulfil all of your most pressing electrical needs.

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The story of one of our past clients – a London barber shop

30 August 2016

Nowadays, it would be difficult to find any business or industry that didn’t rely on some form of data connection such as the Internet – even an establishment as seemingly traditional as a barber shop. Whether the business in question depends on an online booking system or wishes to maintain a strong social media presence, a reliable data connection is almost always vital.

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NICEIC approval is another reason for Cuffley firms to use our electrical services

04 August 2016

One of the many aspects of our work here at ProActive Electrical that helps to distinguish us from other sources of Cuffley electricians is our approval from NICEIC, the UK’s premier voluntary regulatory body for the electrical industry.

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What do you need to know about our domestic electrical services?

21 July 2016

Although we may be known to some for providing our vast range of services in a purely commercial setting, we can also undertake high-quality electrical work in domestic environments.

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Find out about our more specialised electrical services

14 July 2016

ProActive Electrical is proud to offer more services than most in the St Albans electrical industry. These services can be provided in isolation or as central components of our broader commercial maintenance services if required, such is our commitment to ensuring the utmost client safety and satisfaction.

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