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How ProActive CM’s electrical services could benefit you and your business

15 April 2016

Find out some of the many benefits of our electrical services.

If you have been searching for a skilled electrician in St Albans, Potters Bar or any of their environs, your search is over.

The electrical division at ProActive Commercial Maintenance has a team of dedicated engineers – each of whom is fully trained, qualified and experienced in what they do. We have also been fully assessed and approved by NICEIC – the country’s largest regulatory body for the electrical contracting industry.

However, to show you how our electrical work could be invaluable for your business, we think it’s much more effective to give you an example of one of our past clients, as opposed to simply listing our team’s many positive qualities.

One of our many notable past clients. 

Murdock barbers in Soho is a well-known name in London. It’s only natural that a shop of such high standards should have an electrical system to match.

For this client, we fitted an entire new lighting circuit featuring LED accent lighting and emergency lighting, the latter of which is absolutely crucial in a shop or other commercial environment. In addition to this, we equipped the shop with a new power circuit, including new data connections to counters and back of house.

Furthermore, the systems were fully tested, installed on time and within the budget allocated by the client, all of which are extremely important factors for an electrical firm to take into account when working in a commercial environment.

The importance of a truly trustworthy electrical services provider

An electrical firm can be highly skilled and experienced at what it does, but these qualities mean little if a given project isn’t completed on time – it can halt or compromise business and therefore cash flow for your company, neither of which are positive things.

Here at ProActive CM, we always work hard to carry out our work as quickly as possible, without compromising on quality. This enables you to return to running your business as normal as soon as possible.

Testing the systems that you install is vital – a system that doesn’t work correctly can negatively impact the health and safety of you, your staff and your customers. We test everything we install thoroughly – even the smallest of installations.

Naturally, it is also important to stick to a budget, so you can spend your hard-earned money on what matters most – your business.

Find out more about how our electrical services could brighten up your business by contacting the ProActive CM team today.