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PAT Testing – make sure you know the facts

11 February 2016

Exactly why is PAT Testing so crucial?

PAT Testing is much, much more important than you may think as the owner of a retail or office-based business. Many organisations, especially smaller ones, don’t tend to see PAT testing as the great health and safety priority that it undoubtedly deserves to be seen as.

We have compiled a few facts and figures about PAT testing that will hopefully highlight its importance.

It all started in 1989…

As the Electricity At Work Regulations took effect, so the visual inspection and testing of electrical systems and equipment was introduced. Since then, there has been a steep decline in injuries relating to contact with electricity.

Workplace fires have also dropped by 50% since the act was introduced. However, there are still many electricity-related workplace fires. 16,800 accidental workplace fires occurred in 2012/2013, 6,400 of which were caused by faulty or misused appliances.

Surely we’re safer now, though?

We may be, but the statistics behind electrical accidents show the continued need to avoid complacency. 350,000 serious injuries occur every year on average as a result of electric accidents, according to the Electrical Safety Council. Of these, only about 1,000 are reported to the Health and Safety Executive, with around 30 being fatal.

So if you are thinking of leaving that faulty kettle for any longer, don’t. In 2011/12, faulty appliances and leads were the cause of 4,000 accidental fires in commercial, business and public buildings, also causing 24% of fires in non-residential buildings.

Despite the risks, 80% of faulty electrical products are never returned.

The number of unsafe consumer products as identified by the EU’s RAPEX system rose by nearly 25% in 2012 on 2011. On top of this, 1,000 listings – including illegal plugs – were removed from eBay, while £15.7 million’s worth of counterfeit and potentially dangerous electrical goods were seized from 2009-2013.

Contact ProActive CM about PAT testing

So, do you still reckon you don’t require PAT testing within your own small business? Such a measure could help to prevent injuries and damage to precious equipment, as well as save lives.

For more information on PAT testing and how to have a PAT test carried out in your workplace, don’t hesitate to contact the team at ProActive CM today.