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What is planned preventive maintenance for?

02 December 2015

Find out the benefits of a planned preventive maintenance programme and what it entails.

As the owner of a retail or office-based business, you may have heard of the term ‘planned preventive maintenance’ – or for that matter, ‘planned preventative maintenance’ – and wondered what it entailed. Of course, we suspect that you already have at least some idea of what it involves from the name – this being a more proactive and managed type of maintenance, designed to spot potential issues with equipment or a wider environment so that a quick remedy can be applied.

What starts off as a relatively small problem – perhaps a periodically malfunctioning air conditioning system or some scruffy-looking upturned carpet – can quickly deteriorate into a bigger issue if it is not addressed straight away. Different business environments tend to have slightly different priorities – a retail business, for example, may be most concerned about the condition of its fittings and fixtures, while for an office environment, whatever affects workers’ day-to-day productivity may be a greater worry – but the general principles are the same.

Whatever you expect from a planned preventive maintenance programme, here at ProActive Commercial Maintenance, we will live up to – and exceed – those expectations. Our planned preventative maintenance services draw upon our full range and depth of maintenance expertise, from the decoration of shops and offices and the checking of a store’s condition to heating, ventilation and air conditioning servicing and maintenance.

More than that, however, our team uses state-of-the-art reporting software to ensure that every potential issue is detected and resolved – even those that can go unnoticed by our industry rivals. Such software documents every detail of our planned maintenance visits, with the results being made immediately available to view for the benefit of clients via our online customer portal after the visit.

Although we offer various flexible programmes to cater for your most specific needs as a client, above all else, the biggest reason to invest in our planned preventive maintenance services is the significant money and hassle that they can save you in the long run. Rather than leaving your air conditioning system to fail just when your office workers most need it, or allowing your shop fittings to deteriorate to such an extent that they make a terrible impression on customers, our planned preventive maintenance programmes can help to ensure that such issues are cost-effectively dealt with as soon as they arise.

Contact ProActive CM today about a planned preventative maintenance programme that will perfectly fit your retail or office business!