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Why your office requires air conditioning maintenance

21 August 2015

Find out the importance of office air con maintenance

If you haven’t arranged a regular air conditioning maintenance service, you’re leaving yourself open to a number of problems. The most obvious is that you’ll probably need to pay more in the long run.

The majority of problems start small – often at the point of being unnoticeable – but then gradually become more serious as time goes on. When they are allowed to develop, these problems will start to have an impact on everyone within the building, and they’ll generally be quite expensive to fix.

Air conditioning maintenance can spot those problems early on, and then fix them before they develop into major issues. It costs far less to replace a belt than it does to replace an entire unit, and the downtime will be minimal. Avoiding maintenance is just avoiding the inevitable, so you should make sure that you take action early to prevent long term issues.

Of course, some people argue that their modern air conditioning units have been designed to last for years, but this does not mean that routine maintenance work can be neglected. Regular servicing is still necessary to extend a unit’s life, and to make sure that it keeps running at peak performance.

After all, these machines are designed to keep you and your employees feeling cool and comfortable. Unfortunately, small problems are most likely to turn into larger ones when the system is under strain, which inevitably often occurs when it’s hot outside. Having your air conditioning break during this time is something that you want to prevent at all costs.

Productivity will drop, and your employees likely won’t place much trust in your maintenance of the building. This can be much worse if you regularly entertain clients or customers within your premises.

Even a working air conditioner can be bad for the building if it hasn’t been recently serviced. Dirty components and filters can quickly cause poor air quality, which will exacerbate allergies and breathing problems. They also prevent units from running efficiently, meaning that you’ll be using more energy while seeing reduced performance.

Here at Proactive Commercial Maintenance, we can help to stop these problems occurring by offering reliable air conditioning maintenance. To find out more, contact us today.