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Why ProActive Commercial Maintenance has fast become an industry leader

12 June 2015

Find out what makes us a leader in our industry.

Businesses of all kinds – whether based in retail spaces, offices or commercial space of any other nature – naturally want to spend as much time as possible focusing on their core operations, including direct contact with potential customers. What they don’t want to be forced to do, is spend too much time tending to the basic maintenance of their spaces – which leads many to enquire about commercial maintenance services like those offered by ProActive Commercial Maintenance.

ProActive CM may have only come into being in recent years – having started out as a division of the shop fitting company, Bluegroup Retail, which was established in 2005 – but the company has quickly built a strong reputation of its own across the full range of commercial maintenance services. We are able to provide every service, from planned general maintenance and air conditioning installation, maintenance and servicing to health and safety assessments and PAT testing.

With such other services as heating and ventilation servicing and maintenance, fixed electrical testing and emergency light and fire alarm testing all being offered by our committed and diligent professionals, there really is no need to turn to any other commercial maintenance services provider. This is all the more the case given the renown that we have already attracted for the reliability and quality of our services.

Our beginnings as part of a firm that creates and installs shops and offices have only made us all the more aware of the considerable time, effort and money that is invested into the creation of the complete commercial space. The last thing that you will want is that space compromising the smooth functional operation of your business, or for that matter the impression that is made on potential clients and other stakeholders.

Despite this, all too many shops, offices and other business spaces show high levels of wear and tear due to inadequate maintenance. With the help of ProActive CM’s acclaimed commercial maintenance services, you can not only ensure a longer operational life for your business spaces between major refits, but also keep them looking and working better in the meantime. Indeed, we can even serve as your entire estate’s on-site eyes and ears by reporting on the condition of your stores.

Don’t underestimate the condition of your commercial spaces as the critical business issue that it is. Get in touch with ProActive CM today about our industry-leading commercial maintenance services, whether you are interested in our standard services or those of a more bespoke nature.